Behind the Scenes

In the late summer of 2016, we improvised a studio in an old general store and brought in an award-winning photographer, an emerging filmmaker and a team of listeners. We asked 21 outstanding women leaders in technology and business to join us and tell their stories.

Joan Didion has famously written that ‘we tell ourselves stories in order to live.’ These leading women told us about their lives and careers; their beginnings and achievements; the unique values and gifts of mentorship; and the challenges, opportunities and distinct perspectives that they bring to their projects and initiatives. As they told their stories, we learned important things about working, living and leading.

Each of these women is unique and inspiring in her own right. All of them come from different backgrounds and have walked different paths. Even so, their stories revealed shared and universal understandings. Together, the power and resonance of their lessons is multiplied exponentially. And these learnings are equally important for men and women, students and executives, stakeholders and contributors. They are valuable for all of us.

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Conceptual and creative direction, design and production by BLKBOX
Principal Photography by Jack Thompson
Videography by Evan Prince

Behind the Scenes at the Leading Women Shoot

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A project of this nature could never have come to life without the support and efforts of many individuals on multiple fronts.

First and foremost, we would like to thank Karenann Terrell and Jacqui Canney for their leadership and championship of LEADING WOMEN. Andrea Roberts and Sarah Davis have deftly and competently managed this project at every turn and have seen every challenge as an opportunity. Becky Schmitt and Cassandra Richardson have worked behind-the-scenes in outstanding ways. Essential communication and internal support was provided by Melissa Silvia and Carrie McKnight.

The BLKBOX creative team has shown their love for this project since the beginning, especially Elizabeth Stripling, Myranda Rogers, Shaye Anderson, Tyler Orsak and Will Krech. We also thank The Ravington for providing such a beautiful location, Lilli Salerno for her amazing post-production work and Natalee Ferguson for stunning grooming and styling.
Finally, we would like to thank all of the leading women profiled here. The gift of their stories, authenticity and whole selves has been nothing short of inspiring. Thank you.